Every 90s Cartoon Network Show Ranked by Pure Nostalgia

Every 90s Cartoon Network Show Ranked by Pure Nostalgia
Every 90s Cartoon Network Show Ranked by Pure Nostalgia

Alright, strap in, millennials, because we’re about to embark on a journey through the scribbled lines and wacky sound effects of our childhoods—yes, it’s the definitive ranking of 90s Cartoon Network shows, as judged by the most trustworthy of metrics: pure, unadulterated nostalgia. Prepare for a trip down a memory lane paved with the crushed dreams of forgotten cartoons and the titans who still reign supreme in our hearts.

1. Mike, Lu & Og

Starting at the bottom of the barrel—though in this case, it’s more like a quirky little trash can you can’t help but love—is ‘Mike, Lu & Og’. This show is like that one kid in class who ate paste but also somehow knew all the capitals of Europe—it’s weirdly impressive in its own right. I mean, who would’ve thought a show about a New York girl turned island exchange student would stick in our brains? But wow it’s surprising how strong the supposed weakest of the cartoon cartoons is! It’s not every day you get a strategy guide on this gem, but hey, I know you are the cartoon guy, but I really didn’t expect a strategy guide on Mike, Lu & Og of all things. It may not be the kind of show that ages like fine wine—more like that mystery can in the back of your pantry—but its charm is undeniable. Every 90s Cartoon Network Show Ranked by Pure Nostalgia

2. I Am Weasel

Next up is ‘I Am Weasel’, the brainchild of someone who clearly had too much cheese before bedtime. It’s like they threw darts at a board labeled ‘cartoon ideas’ and went with whatever stuck—literally. With episodes lasting only about eight minutes each, it was a bizarre blip in CN history that made you wonder if you were actually awake or just having a really strange dream. Not to mention Seth MacFarlane had his fingers in this pie—yeah, that guy from ‘Family Guy’. The show was as loud as its ideas were bizarre, with an opening theme that sounds suspiciously like ‘Pop Goes The Weasel’. And let’s not forget about I R Baboon—the daft counterpart to our clever hero who caused more problems than he solved. Every 90s Cartoon Network Show Ranked by Pure Nostalgia

3. Johnny Bravo

Ah, ‘Johnny Bravo’, the epitome of outdated machismo wrapped in a tight black shirt and sunglasses you know he thinks are way cooler than they are. With his towering height (6’3″ with hair) and his mother named Bunny Bravo (because why not?), Johnny’s shallow views on dating made him treat potential partners less like people and more like accessories to his biceps. And let’s not forget his family tree which reads like a character roster from an Elvis-themed soap opera. This guy’s entire persona was built on being as manly as possible—and failing spectacularly at it—which somehow made us love him even more. Every 90s Cartoon Network Show Ranked by Pure Nostalgia

4. Courage the Cowardly Dog

If there ever was an award for ‘Cartoon Most Likely To Have Given Us Nightmares,’ it would go to ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’. This paradoxical pooch managed to scare us silly while making us laugh at the same time—a feat not easily achieved. With homages to classic horror films and villains that were equal parts terrifying and ridiculous, Courage faced unthinkable dangers with a trembling body and tucked tail. But despite all odds, his love for Muriel and Eustace gave him the guts to face every creepy creature and crazed villain in Nowhere, Kansas. It’s no wonder we still remember this show—it taught us that bravery isn’t about not feeling fear; it’s about peeing yourself in terror and saving the day anyway. Every 90s Cartoon Network Show Ranked by Pure Nostalgia

5. Ed, Edd n Eddy

And then there’s ‘Ed, Edd n Eddy’, the show that perfectly captured suburban childhood shenanigans with its relentless pursuit of jawbreakers. Remember how Ed was basically used as a battering ram for whatever harebrained scheme Eddy came up with while Double D provided just enough brains to make their plans almost seem plausible? Parents might have worried about the lack of supervision these kids had (seriously, where were their parents?), but all we cared about was whether or not they’d finally get those elusive candies. The unique animation style and memorable trio made this show as addictive as those jawbreakers seemed to be. Every 90s Cartoon Network Show Ranked by Pure Nostalgia

6. Cow and Chicken

‘Cow and Chicken’ was basically what you’d get if you let a group of kindergarteners write a show after watching too much Ren & Stimpy. It pushed boundaries with its bizarre humor that often left us wondering if we should be laughing or calling a therapist. Created by the same team as ‘I Am Weasel’, it matched that show’s craziness note for note—except maybe it hit even higher octaves of weirdness. Whether it was Cow’s superhero alter ego or Chicken’s constant exasperation with life’s absurdities, this show knew how to leave an impression—one that often felt like witnessing a comedic car crash you couldn’t look away from.Every 90s Cartoon Network Show Ranked by Pure Nostalgia

7. The Powerpuff Girls

Moving up the ranks is ‘The Powerpuff Girls’, which flew into our lives with fists full of girl power and never looked back. Produced by Cartoon Network Studios with some big names behind it (Nick Jennings of ‘Adventure Time’, anyone?), this show didn’t just pick up its first Emmy nom for nothing—it smashed through gender stereotypes faster than Blossom could say ‘no meanness’. And when they got greenlit for another season? That just confirmed what we already knew: these pint-sized powerhouses were here to stay.Every 90s Cartoon Network Show Ranked by Pure Nostalgia

8. Dexter’s Laboratory

‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ was where science met sibling rivalry and created something magical enough to become one of CN’s staple shows. Dexter himself was a boy genius whose inventions were only matched by his sister Dee Dee’s talent for accidentally destroying them—a dynamic we couldn’t get enough of. And let’s not forget about the talent behind the scenes; some writers and directors from this series went on to become big shots in animation (Seth MacFarlane ring any bells?).Every 90s Cartoon Network Show Ranked by Pure Nostalgia

9. The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

As we near the top spot, let’s give a nod to ‘The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy’. This series took dark comedy to new heights by turning morbidity into something oddly heartwarming—no easy task when your main characters include the Grim Reaper himself. It aired as part of Grim and Evil before becoming its own brand of twisted fun that proved you could find laughter in even the darkest corners.Every 90s Cartoon Network Show Ranked by Pure Nostalgia

10. Tom and Jerry

Sitting pretty at number one is none other than ‘Tom and Jerry’, which isn’t just nostalgic—it’s practically prehistoric considering it started back in the 40s! This cat-and-mouse duo has been through more slapstick violence than most cartoons could ever dream of—and yet they always come out on top (well, except for Tom). Their relationship embodies frenemy goals: always at each other’s throats until they need to team up against an even bigger threat. It’s this timeless dynamic that has allowed them to transcend generations and maintain their crown as kings of cartoon nostalgia.

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