7 Timothée Chalamet Roles That Deserve More Praise

7 Timothée Chalamet Roles That Deserve More Praise
7 Timothée Chalamet Roles That Deserve More Praise

Timothée Chalamet has become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after young actors, known for his captivating performances in Call Me by Your Name, Little Women, and Dune. However, beyond these headline-grabbing roles lie a treasure trove of nuanced performances that deserve a closer look. This article aims to highlight seven underrated roles that showcase Chalamet’s versatility and depth as an actor.

Exploring the Depth of Danny Vance

In the ensemble drama Men, Women & Children (2014), Timothée Chalamet took on the role of Danny Vance. Though not the central character, Chalamet brought a certain depth to this supporting role, playing a high school football player navigating the complexities of adolescence. His performance was subtle yet impactful, providing a glimpse into his early potential. I think I actually disliked this movie the most, but it’s not at the bottom of my list in terms of Timothée’s performance, because A) he has a few more scenes, and B) he does a decently good job of playing the douche-y football player Danny Vance.

7 Timothée Chalamet Roles That Deserve More Praise

A Holiday Movie Standout

Love the Coopers (2015) presented Chalamet with the challenge of standing out in a star-studded cast. As Charlie Cooper, he portrayed the awkwardness and vulnerability of youth with an authentic touch. Son Charlie (Timothée Chalamet) is bullied when he freezes up around girls, highlighting the relatable challenges his character faced amidst the film’s broader dysfunctional family theme.

7 Timothée Chalamet Roles That Deserve More Praise

Mystical and Isolated Zac

In the indie film One & Two (2015), Chalamet took on a leading role as Zac, an isolated teen grappling with supernatural powers. His portrayal was marked by a palpable sibling bond with his sister Eva (Kiernan Shipka), adding layers to his character’s isolation. The movie’s dark, slow ambiance complemented Chalamet’s performance, which was executed with flawless accuracy despite being one of his lesser-known films.

7 Timothée Chalamet Roles That Deserve More Praise

The Emotional Complexity of Billy Mitman

Miss Stevens (2016) saw Chalamet dive into the role of Billy Mitman, a troubled teen with emotional depth that resonated throughout the film. His performance was a pivotal part of why Miss Stevens received such high praise, boasting a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a testament to his ability to convey complex emotions and add significant layers to a narrative.

7 Timothée Chalamet Roles That Deserve More Praise

A Memorable Western Presence

In Hostiles (2017), despite limited screen time, Chalamet’s portrayal of Private Philippe DeJardin left an indelible mark on audiences. Amidst an ensemble cast including Christian Bale, his character added to the tapestry of soldiers navigating harsh realities. His performance underscored his ability to make even small roles memorable.

7 Timothée Chalamet Roles That Deserve More Praise

The Antihero of Summer Nights

The coming-of-age tale Hot Summer Nights (2017) featured Chalamet as Daniel Middleton, an awkward teen embroiled in summer drug trade. Despite challenges with script depth, Chalamet shone through with his moody and stylish portrayal. The film struggled with identity but not due to any shortcomings on Timothée’s part—his strong performance was noted even amidst an uneven script and tone.

7 Timothée Chalamet Roles That Deserve More Praise

Gatsby Welles Charms New York City

In A Rainy Day in New York (2019), Chalamet captivated audiences as Gatsby Welles, a young romantic navigating the unpredictable streets of Manhattan. While some found his character predictable and the plotline lacking impact, Chalamet’s charm managed to shine through. He brought sensitivity and loyalty to Gatsby, qualities that resonated with viewers despite any narrative shortcomings.

7 Timothée Chalamet Roles That Deserve More Praise

In conclusion, Timothée Chalamet’s range as an actor is vast and often understated. These seven roles are just a few examples that merit more attention for their depth and complexity. As fans and film enthusiasts alike continue to appreciate his well-known performances, let us also seek out these lesser-praised gems that further demonstrate his acting prowess.

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