Did Sylvester Stallone Go Full Elvis with His Own Vocals?

Did Sylvester Stallone Go Full Elvis with His Own Vocals?
Did Sylvester Stallone Go Full Elvis with His Own Vocals?

So, did Sylvester Stallone really try to channel the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, or was he more like the court jester of rock ‘n’ rumble? Let’s dive into the history of Sylvester Stallone’s singing roles and see if he’s got the vocal chops to stand up to the legend that is Elvis Presley.

Stallone Sings But Can He Swing Like The King

Let’s face it, when you think of Sylvester Stallone, your mind immediately jumps to a meat-packing plant in Philly or a gun-blazing action hero, not a crooning heartthrob. Yet, Sly has warbled his way through tunes in movies like ‘Paradise Alley’ and belted out a solo in ‘Rhinestone’. Did Sylvester Stallone Go Full Elvis with His Own Vocals? And who can forget his guest appearance on The Muppet Show where he sang Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off and Bird in a Gilded Cage? But does this mean he can hold a candle to Elvis? I mean, come on, we’re talking about the guy who made hip swiveling a national pastime.

Elvis The Vocal Phenom

Speaking of Elvis Presley, let’s take a moment to appreciate the man’s vocal stylings. The King could make any song his own with that rich baritone that could go from a tender whisper to a full-blown gospel shout. Did Sylvester Stallone Go Full Elvis with His Own Vocals? As Pleasants puts it, Elvis was able to duplicate the open, hoarse, ecstatic, screaming, shouting, wailing, reckless sound of the black rhythm-and-blues and gospel singers. So, when we talk about Stallone ‘going full Elvis’, we’re setting the bar sky-high.

The Sly Elvis Act

Now let’s zero in on that time when Stallone supposedly went ‘full Elvis’. In ‘Rhinestone’, Sly gave us ‘Drinkenstein’ and other duets that left us wondering if he was aiming for rock royalty or just having a laugh. Stallone’s Elvis-like performance had some charm for sure, but let’s be real – there are great singers with deep voices, yet none quite match that mysterious and elusive resonating quality of Elvis. Even the best impersonators can’t capture that magic.

Singing Lessons or Natural Talent

One might wonder if Stallone had some help tuning those vocal cords. Did he get vocal training or coaching? We know he sang in his early films and even tackled some tunes on The Muppet Show. But achieving the subtlety of Elvis’s voice – which is measured not just in octaves but decibels and delicate whispers – might require a bit more than just raw talent. Did Sylvester Stallone Go Full Elvis with His Own Vocals? It begs the question: did Sly put in the work to hit those notes or was it all movie magic?

Fanfare and Flak

Last but not least, what did fans and critics think of Stallone serenading his way through films? George Klein once said about Elvis, Elvis could sing anything…rock n’ roll, rhythm and blues, country, and gospel. That sets quite the standard for anyone stepping into those blue suede shoes. Reactions to Stallone’s singing were mixed – some found it endearing while others might’ve preferred him sticking to what he does best: punching meat and firing off one-liners.

In conclusion, while Sylvester Stallone may have given us some memorable musical moments (and some we’d like to forget), he’s no ‘Slyvis Presley’. But hey, at least he gave it a shot – after all, it takes guts to step into the ring with Elvis’s ghost crooning over your shoulder. So here’s to Sly – you may not be the next King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but you’re still our champ.

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