9 Tom Cruise Adventures Begging for a Round Two

9 Tom Cruise Adventures Begging for a Round Two
9 Tom Cruise Adventures Begging for a Round Two

When you think of Tom Cruise, you think of a man who runs from explosions in slow motion and climbs tall buildings with nothing but his bare hands and a cheeky grin. But what about the Cruise classics that left us hanging for more? Let’s dive into the 9 Tom Cruise Adventures Begging for a Round Two, shall we?

Jack Reacher Deserves to Reach Back

Remember when Tom Cruise punched his way through a conspiracy as Jack Reacher? That was fun, wasn’t it? The guy’s got more unfinished business than my laundry pile. With his enigmatic nature and a knack for uncovering the dirtiest secrets, there’s no way Reacher’s story is done. We need more bone-crunching justice, more of Cruise’s intense stare that says ‘I know what you did last summer… and I’m not happy about it.’

9 Tom Cruise Adventures Begging for a Round Two

The Last Samurai Might Not Be the Last After All

‘The Last Samurai’, a tale of honor and swords clashing, ended with Cruise’s character siding with his captors, the Samurai, and choosing a path that seemed to lead to certain death. But wait, there’s more! Imagine a sequel where he continues to impact the Meiji era. Maybe he opens a sushi restaurant or starts a line of samurai-inspired leisure wear. The possibilities are endless.

9 Tom Cruise Adventures Begging for a Round Two

Edge of Tomorrow Still Has Today

The time-looping insanity of Edge of Tomorrow left us all feeling like we had deja vu. A sequel could take us deeper into the alien invasion and give us more of Cruise dying and reviving like it’s going out of style. Emily Blunt mentioned, Doug and I talk all the time about it. I know Tom wants to do it, hopefully, at some point. So, what are we waiting for? More time loops!

9 Tom Cruise Adventures Begging for a Round Two

Oblivion Is Just the Beginning

In ‘Oblivion’, Cruise played Jack Harper, who found out the truth was as fractured as the Moon in the sky. The post-apocalyptic world was just getting interesting when the credits rolled. What happens next? Does Harper start a book club with the Scavengers? Or maybe he takes up gardening in this new Earth devoid of Home Depots. Kosinski has grown since ‘Tron Legacy’, so let’s see where he can take Harper next.

9 Tom Cruise Adventures Begging for a Round Two

Knight and Day Needs Another Night

Knight and Day, an action-comedy that couldn’t quite decide if it was more action or comedy. But one thing’s for sure: Cruise’s spy antics alongside Cameron Diaz were entertaining enough to warrant another go. They could be chasing down bad guys or maybe just trying to figure out their relationship status while blowing things up. Either way, we’re here for it.

9 Tom Cruise Adventures Begging for a Round Two

Collateral Damage Deserves More Collateral

Cruise as Vincent in ‘Collateral’ was cool, calm, collected…and a hitman. How did he get there? A prequel could tell us all about Vincent’s past before that fateful night in LA. It would be like ‘How I Met Your Murderous Intentions’. Plus, director Michael Mann has a knack for giving depth to his thrillers—it wouldn’t just be another Hollywood blowout.

9 Tom Cruise Adventures Begging for a Round Two

The Mummy Could Use Some Resurrecting

Let’s be honest: The Mummy was no cinematic masterpiece, but it had its moments—like making Ahmanet female for once. A sequel could take this twist further—maybe she takes on Silicon Valley or disrupts the gig economy? And hey, it never took itself too seriously, which is precisely why we should give it another shot at wrapping things up.

9 Tom Cruise Adventures Begging for a Round Two

Valkyrie Could Take Flight Again

In ‘Valkyrie’, we saw Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg’s plot to take down Hitler fail spectacularly. But what happened after? The aftermath could make for an intriguing sequel—maybe Stauffenberg becomes a ghost haunting political rallies or starts an underground dance movement. With mixed reviews but decent box office returns, why not roll the dice again?

9 Tom Cruise Adventures Begging for a Round Two

American Made Sequel Could Be Unmade

Last on our list is ‘American Made’, where Cruise played Barry Seal with all the charm of a man who knows he’s in over his head. The film took liberties with reality—like creating characters out of thin air—but who says the sequel has to play by the rules? Let’s see more wild escapades that blur the lines between fact and fiction even further.

9 Tom Cruise Adventures Begging for a Round Two

In conclusion, Tom Cruise has given us characters that are too good to leave behind after just one adventure. From samurais to soldiers stuck in time loops to hitmen with a heart (sort of), there’s a world of potential waiting to be explored in sequels. So here’s hoping Hollywood hears our call for ‘Round Two’—because let’s face it, we could all use a little more Cruise control in our lives.

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