10 Times Denzel Washington Deserved More Applause

10 Times Denzel Washington Deserved More Applause
10 Times Denzel Washington Deserved More Applause

Underrated Yet Unforgettable The Quiet Power of Denzel Washington in Cry Freedom

Let’s kick off with Denzel Washington as Steve Biko in Cry Freedom. Sure, Kevin Kline did a bang-up job playing the other guy, but it was Washington who brought the realness, the human touch. He never feels showy, and doesn’t have a big ‘give me an Oscar’ breakdown half way through the film – he just feels like a real human being going through these horrific circumstances, and yet, his performance was like that one cousin at a family reunion who doesn’t get enough potato salad. Overshadowed, folks. Overshadowed.

10 Times Denzel Washington Deserved More Applause

The Hurricane Blew Through Awards Season With Not Enough Hype

Now onto The Hurricane. You’d think a Golden Globe would be enough, but nope, not for Washington’s portrayal of Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter. The depth he brought to the role was like finding an onion in your stew – layers upon layers of flavor – yet somehow, he didn’t get to take a bite out of that Oscar statuette. Denzel Washington won a Golden Globe for his performance in ‘The Hurricane.’, but honestly, that was just an appetizer for what should have been a full-course award meal.

10 Times Denzel Washington Deserved More Applause

Flight Soared High But Landed Softly in Award Circles

Moving on to Flight, where Washington played an alcoholic pilot with more layers than a wedding cake. Critics and fans alike were all aboard when it came to praising his performance, but when it came time for awards, it was like the film hit some unexpected turbulence. But there are antiheroes on paper, and then there is Denzel Washington, and there’s no comparing the two.. Yet somehow, award season didn’t book a ticket for this flight.

10 Times Denzel Washington Deserved More Applause

Fences A Performance That Should Have Built a Stronger Oscar Case

In Fences, Washington wasn’t just acting; he was directing too. Talk about multitasking! He delivered a performance so powerful it could’ve knocked down the proverbial fences at the Oscars. But alas, it seems like they built those fences just a tad too high for him to leap over that year. Fences has already been nominated for several awards., but let’s be real – it deserved more than just nominations.

10 Times Denzel Washington Deserved More Applause

Devil in a Blue Dress A Smooth Performance That Deserved More Shine

Devil in a Blue Dress had Denzel playing Easy Rawlins so smoothly you’d think he was born in a fedora and trench coat. Critics said, This was the right movie, but came out at the wrong time.. Honestly, I think they just missed out on appreciating a fine glass of cinematic bourbon. The spotlight passed over this neo-noir gem like it had somewhere better to be.

10 Times Denzel Washington Deserved More Applause

He Got Game A Performance That Didnt Score Enough Points

He Got Game, where Washington played Jake Shuttlesworth – father and convict – is like that indie film your friend keeps telling you to watch: underrated but amazing. His nuanced performance should’ve scored big-time accolades but ended up sitting on the bench come award season. It’s like the critics were watching a different game.

10 Times Denzel Washington Deserved More Applause

The Siege An Explosive Performance That Deserved Applause

In The Siege, Washington was more explosive than New Year’s Eve in Times Square, but when it came to applause… crickets. It’s like everyone suddenly decided to go on a noise diet right when it was his turn to shine. And now that The Siege is streaming on Netflix., maybe it’s time for a rewatch and some overdue clapping?

10 Times Denzel Washington Deserved More Applause

Courage Under Fire An Undetected Act of Bravery

Talking about undervalued work, let’s not forget his role in Courage Under Fire. Playing Nat Serling – military officer extraordinaire – he displayed bravery not with guns blazing but with emotional depth. Unfortunately, this kind of courage didn’t make enough noise during award season. It seems like they only recognize loud bangs and not silent strength.

10 Times Denzel Washington Deserved More Applause

The Book of Eli A Revelation Left in the Dark

In the post-apocalyptic world of The Book of Eli, Washington was more than just a man with shades and a sword; he was a walking enigma wrapped in leather. Critics might have found the movie lacking drama or imagination, but let’s face it: Denzel’s Eli deserved more daylight in the hall of fame instead of wandering alone through the wasteland of underappreciation.

10 Times Denzel Washington Deserved More Applause

The Equalizer Action Hero Archetype Redefined Without Accolades

Last but not least: The Equalizer. Here we saw Denzel redefine what it means to be an action hero – less about how many explosions you can walk away from and more about how deep your character can go while kicking butt. Sadly, this didn’t translate into much Oscar buzz or nominations. It seems even when you’re as untouchable as McCall, you can still be touched by the cold hand of neglect during award season.

10 Times Denzel Washington Deserved More Applause

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