Borderlands: Who Stars in the Hollywood Movie Adaptation?

Borderlands: Who Stars in the Hollywood Movie Adaptation?
Borderlands: Who Stars in the Hollywood Movie Adaptation?

Borderlands is a popular video game that follows a group of Vault Hunters as they navigate the dangerous world of Pandora in search of hidden treasures and valuable alien technology. The game is known for its unique art style, quirky humour, and intense first-person shooter gameplay. On August 9, 2024, renowned filmmaker Eli Roth will bring forth a big screen adaptation of Borderlands.

As fans of the game eagerly await to see how Roth will translate the game’s action-packed and comedic elements into a cinematic experience, the official trailer has finally been released. While it looks to be an action-packed and visually striking affair, where the anticipation mostly lies is with the movies star-studded line up. So, with that said, let’s break down the cast of Eli Roth‘s Borderlands movie.

Cate Blanchett as Lilith

Cate Blanchett in Borderlands (2024)

In the Borderlands movie, Cate Blanchett will take on the lead role of Lilith, who in the game, is known for her strong-willed personality and rebellious nature. She is the fearless leader and a key member of the Crimson Raiders. For such an esteemed dramatic actress, Blanchett’s role in the Borderlands movie is a fine example of her versatility as an actress as she ventures into new territory as an action star. After Borderlands, she is set to forefront the TV mini-series, Disclaimer, opposite Kevin Kline and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Kevin Hart as Roland

Borderlands Movie: Kevin Hart as Roland

Kevin Hart has undoubtedly established himself as one of the finest examples of a stand-up comedian who has successfully crossed over to major Hollywood stardom, joining the ranks of legends such as Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. While Hart initially gained fame through his comedic talent and hilarious performances on stage, he has not limited himself to the comedy realm.

Venturing into the action genre, Hart has starred in blockbuster hits like Ride Along and Central Intelligence, showcasing his versatility as an actor. With his upcoming role in the highly-anticipated Borderlands movie, Hart continues to make waves in Hollywood. In the Borderlands movie, he has been cast as Roland, a skilled soldier and former Crimson Lance member known for his strategic mind, leadership abilities, and proficiency in combat.

Jack Black as Claptrap

Borderlands Movie Cast

Despite announcing his retirement after receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018, Jack Black has continued to showcase his talents in the entertainment industry. While starring in blockbuster hits like Jumanji: The Next Level, Black has primarily focused on voice acting roles in recent years. In 2024, he reprised his beloved role as Po in Kung Fu Panda 4. Furthermore, he will lend his voice to the character of Claptrap in the Borderlands movie. In the popular game, Claptrap is robotic character beloved  for his quirky personality, offbeat humour, and endearing clumsiness, serving as a helpful guide and companion throughout the game, providing comedic relief and valuable information to the player.

Ariana Greenblatt as Tiny Tina

Ariana Greenblatt as Tiny Tina

Ariana Greenblatt is a fast-rising star in Hollywood who has quickly made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. With her talent and charisma, Greenblatt has recently captured the attention of audiences worldwide. She has starred in massive blockbuster movies such as the star-studded Avengers: Infinity War and the incredibly successful film Barbie, which dominated the box office in 2023. In the Borderlands movie, Greenblatt will take on the role of Tiny Tina.

In the game, despite her young age, Tiny Tina is a skilled explosives expert who is also proficient in combat, making her a formidable ally to the player. Her witty and irreverent sense of humour, along with her affinity for chaos and destruction, add a unique and entertaining dynamic to the game. While she can be unpredictable and slightly unhinged, Tiny Tina also has a vulnerable side, hinting at a troubled past that adds depth to her character, something that could possibly be explored in the Borderlands movie.

Jamie Lee Curtis as Tannis

Borderlands Movie (2024)

Jamie Lee Curtis, the iconic star of John Carpenter‘s Halloween, has experienced an epic resurgence in recent years, captivating audiences with her powerful performances and undeniable talent. Her reprisal of the role of Laurie Strode in David Gordon Green‘s Halloween breathed new life into the beloved horror franchise, showcasing Curtis’s ability to portray a complex and resilient character. In 2023, Curtis achieved a career milestone by winning the prestigious Oscar for her exceptional performance in the film Everything Everywhere All at Once.

In 2024, Curtis’ resurgence will continue with the Borderlands movie as she has been cast as Dr. Patricia Tannis. Simply known as Tannis in the Borderlands video game series, she is a brilliant yet eccentric scientist with a chaotic and unstable personality. She is an expert in archaeology, biology, and a wide range of scientific fields, often aiding the player characters with valuable information and insight.

Florian Munteanu as Krieg

Borderlands Movie: Florian Munteanu as Krieg

Florian Munteanu, born on October 13, 1990 in Würzburg, Germany, is a rising star in the entertainment industry. His breakout role came in 2018 when he portrayed Ivan Drago’s son, Victor, in the hit film Creed II. Munteanu’s impressive physical presence and intense performance as a formidable boxer in the movie garnered him critical acclaim and catapulted him to global recognition. In the Borderlands movie adaptation, Munteanu will star as Krieg, a volatile and unpredictable character with a complex backstory. Once a former Vault Hunter turned bandit, Krieg embraces his inner psycho and struggles to contain his dual personalities – the savage and bloodthirsty side, and the calmer, more introspective side known as “the inner voice.” Want to learn more about Florian Munteanu? Here’s everything we know about him.

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