5 Scream Movie Moments That Made Us Yell ‘Really?!’

5 Scream Movie Moments That Made Us Yell ‘Really?!’
5 Scream Movie Moments That Made Us Yell ‘Really?!’

Oh, Scream, you cheeky little franchise, you’ve been the cat’s pajamas for horror fans since ’96. You’ve got us all on this meta-horror joyride, poking fun at the genre with a wink and a nudge. But let’s face it, sometimes you make us go, ‘Really?!’ faster than we can say ‘Ghostface’.

Scream 1996 Garage Door Death

First up, let’s talk about that iconic garage door death in the OG Scream. Poor Tatum, just trying to grab a beer and bam! She’s stuck in a pet door. Now, I’m no physicist, but the practicality of this whole situation is as believable as my diet plans after Thanksgiving. Kevin Williamson’s words combined with Wes Craven’s effortless, pointed direction work fluidly together to create something straight forward and yet, here we are questioning how Tatum couldn’t just wriggle out or why that motor didn’t quit. It’s a scene that’s quiet and infused with dark humor, but come on, that garage door must have been built by Tony Stark or something.

5 Scream Movie Moments That Made Us Yell ‘Really?!’

Scream 2 Soundproof Booth

Moving on to Scream 2, where apparently soundproof booths are as impermeable as Fort Knox. Cici gets the sharp end of the stick in a recording booth while a party rages on outside. Nobody hears a thing because, you know, soundproofing works one way in horror movies. The article does not address the logic or lack thereof relating to the soundproof booth attack scene in ‘Scream 2’. Every death plays like a short film, but this one? It might have played too hard on the suspension of disbelief.

5 Scream Movie Moments That Made Us Yell ‘Really?!’

Scream 3 Voice Changer Device

Now let’s chat about Scream 3 and its voice changer device that can mimic anyone’s voice perfectly. Because why not throw logic out the window? In fairness, it really doesn’t make a lick of sense, and yet here we are with Ghostface impersonating everyone from Dewey to Sidney. At times, it’s aggravatingly contrived, an easy way to move narrative players around without much care. It’s tech so advanced it makes Siri look like two cans connected by string.

Scream 4 Live Webcast Stabbing

Let’s not forget the live webcast stabbing in Scream 4. In an era where everyone and their grandma is streaming, somehow this murder goes unnoticed online until it’s too late. The article provides no commentary concerning this scene because why would it? It’s as if Ghostface also hacked common sense along with the webcast.

5 Scream Movie Moments That Made Us Yell ‘Really?!’

Scream 2022 Hospital Showdown

Last but not least is our hospital showdown from Scream (2022). Hospitals: where you’re supposed to be safe unless you’re in a horror flick. Here we have Ghostface turning a place of healing into his personal playground. It’s a gutting scene that has elicited a hugely emotional response from fans, but let’s face it, it was also as convenient as finding parking right in front of the ER during flu season.

5 Scream Movie Moments That Made Us Yell ‘Really?!’

In conclusion, despite these ‘Really?!’ moments that challenge our suspension of disbelief to Olympic levels, we still love you Scream. You’ve got cult status for a reason. But hey readers, don’t let me hog all the fun—share your own ‘Really?!’ moments from the series below.

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